Separately United: Ecumenism in the Digital Space..

The megatrend of digitalization is influencing all areas of society. Workflows, social encounters, everyday life and many more are all over the world increasingly being converted to digital processes. Hardly anyone can escape this trend. In the Corona crisis, this trend has picked up speed particularly strongly.

Undisputedly, digitalization makes many things easier. Video conferences ease the organization of meetings that would otherwise be impossible, long journeys become superfluous ... and yet questions remain: What can be digitalized and what cannot? Which encounters, conversations, and spiritual practices must be preserved in physical and personal presence, because by their very nature they cannot be transferred to virtual space? What opportunities and dangers is ecumenism facing by digitalization?

The webinar aims to address these questions on the basis of selected topics. We want to enter into conversation with proven experts and develop criteria that will advance ecumenical discourse locally and, at the same time, ask about the consequences for global ecumenism.

Due to the current pandemic situation, we will offer it as an online-event. The lectures of internationally renowned speakers, who belong to different denominations, will therefore take place in digital form.

The core of our summer seminar is the exchange between participants from many parts of the world and intensive discussion of the lectures. To make this possible even under unusual conditions, we will offer alternative ways of working and dialogue formats. The variety makes the seminar atmosphere.

More detailed information about the program and the technical requirements will be announced in time.

Language: The conference language is English.

Costs: The cost for online-participation is EUR 150,-.

Financial support may be granted throught the participants' home churches or other institutions. We encourage participants to contact their church leaders in this regard. - As in previous years, a part of the participation fees is used to cover the cost of participants who are not able to pay the seminar fees.

Dates: From July 4 to 8, 2022.

Registration and Information: Registration until May 31, 2022.

Postal address: 8 rue Gustave Klotz, F - 67000 Strasbourg, France

Conference office: Ms Elke Leypold, telephone +3 33 88 15 25 75, Email:


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