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Study Course "Studying Ecumenism in Strasbourg!" 2023

The Institute for Ecumenical Research has established a Study Course for Lutheran pastors and advanced students that will be held from October 23-27, 2023, as an online-event. ...

55th International Ecumenical Seminar 2023 on the topic of „Communion of Churches“

Dates: July 5 - 12, 2023, in Strasbourg. In the Apostles' Creed, we confess that we believe in the “communion of saints.” But we also speak of a "communion of ...

 11th Assembly of the World Council of Churches

At this important event in ecumenism - which took place for only the third time in Europe and for the first time in Germany - the Institute was also represented ...

On the statement of the 11th Assembly of the WCC on unity and the war in Ukraine.

It is always a moving experience when representatives of the churches from all over the world meet in one place and thus the catholicity of the church becomes visible and tangible ...

Roof Renovation

The renovation of the roof is complete now that it is starting to get winter cold in Strasbourg. In the course of the measures, two more sources ...

Support Association

In order to support the Institute, a sponsoring association was founded last year according to German law, the "Strasbourg Society for Ecumenical Theology (Association for the Promotion of the Institute for Ecumenical Research ...

Report on the Study Course/Webinar "Studying Ecumenism in Strasbourg" 2022 and invitation to the Study Course 2023

This study course for Lutheran pastors and advanced students serves as an introduction to the history and theology of ecumenism from a Lutheran perspective ...

Lutheran-Pentecostal Dialogue 2022

In September 2022, we at long last enjoyed the fifth and final meeting of the International Lutheran-Pentecostal Dialogue, after a pandemic-induced hiatus! We met at Fuller Theological Seminary ...

Roof Renovation

The roof renovation has begun! After the entrance of moisture, an extensive process was carried out to find possible solutions. As reported, the costs for the pure renovation amount to about 80,000 €, ...

Stolperstein - Stumbling Block

Stumbling block The neighborhood in which we live and work is highly marked by the history of Strasbourg between Germany and France, especially for the Jewish community: After the destruction ...
About Us

Working on behalf of the "Lutheran Foundation for Interconfessional Research" since 1965.”

On behalf of the world’s Lutheran churches, the Institute for Ecumenical Research brings together under one roof a multinational team of theologians, providing theological analysis and advice, serving the churches as they strive to resolve their differences with other Christian churches and thus make visible the unity of the Church under one Lord, Jesus Christ.


International Ecumenical Seminar

The International Ecumenical Seminar takes place every summer in Strasbourg.

Study Course

At regular intervals, the Institute offers the "Ecumenical Study Course". The target group is Lutheran theologians, pastors or advanced students with a good knowledge of Lutheran theology

Call for Submission 2022

The Harding Meyer Prize in Ecumenism

The prize, donated by the Meyer family and worth a total of 3,000 euros, is awarded every two years for work dedicated to ecumenical dialogue between Christian denominations,