Seminar on "Studying Luther in Wittenberg", November 2023

25th LWF International Theological Seminar for Pastors „Basics of Lutheran Theology”, Novemer 4-18, 2023.

Dr. Sarah Hinlicky Wilson, visiting adjunct professor of the Institute, and Prof. em. Dr. Theodor Dieter taught Luther's theology to 21 Lutheran pastors from around the world in November. In the first week, the topics ranged from Luther's theological biography to his Reformation discovery of the sacramental word of God ("promissio"), as shown first in the disputation "On the Investigation of Truth and the Consolation of Terrified Consciences" (1518), to the distinction between law and gospel and the treatise "On the Freedom of a Christian". In the second week, the sacraments of baptism (and the question of rebaptism) and the Lord's Supper (both in the book "On the Babylonian Captivity of the Church" and in the "Large Catechism") as well as the question of discipline in the church were topics.

The theological teaching was supplemented by a very rich supporting program (workshops on preaching the Law and the Gospel, the liturgy of the Lord's Supper, church music, a visit to the Luther House and the Reformation Library, a visit to a village congregation and an excursion to Leipzig, etc.). The pastors were very open-minded, interested and receptive. For many theological questions that arise in the work in the congregations, the training in the seminaries did not provide them with enough information; thus the participants were very committed when it came to clarifying basic theological questions and practical problems. As always, it was a wonderful experience to spend 14 days living, working theologically and praying together with people from so many different countries and contexts. The days were liturgically structured by the three liturgy of the hours (morning and evening in St. Catherine's Chapel, midday in the seminar room); the devotions were prepared by the participants with much love and care. Communion services were celebrated in the middle and at the end of the seminar. As in previous years, the collaboration with the team at the LWF Center (Director Inken Wöhlbrand and Dr. Samuel Nánási) was very trusting and cooperative. Everyone involved has very fond memories of the seminar.


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