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Board of Trustees

The Institute for Ecumenical Research has its own governing board, a Board of Trustees, composed of six to nine international scholars and church leadeers. Three of the Board members (including the Chair) are members of the LWF Council.


The Institute for Ecumenical Research in Strasbourg stands for innovative research work and a vivid culture of dialogue on a Lutheran basis in the responsibility for Christian unity and in close cooperation with LWF. (Mission-Statement)

Prof. Dr. Kenneth Appold

Prof. Dr. Kenneth Appold

Former Research Professor

Prof. Dr. Elisabeth Parmentier

Prof. Dr. Elisabeth Parmentier

Former Research Professor

Prof. Dr. Risto Saarinen

Prof. Dr. Risto Saarinen

Former Research Professor


Prof. Dr. Jennifer Wasmuth

Former Research Professor


Search for Unity

The aim of the Institute is to study the various areas of theology from an ecumenical perspective. In particular, we deal with differences in doctrine and church order that have led to divisions in the past and still exist today. We study these conflicts in their historical and systematic context in order to better understand them, find new models for resolving these conflicts, and overcome their church-dividing character. The particular areas of our work are church history, exegesis, method, consensus, hermeneutics, and models of unity. Many key concepts of the Institute have played a significant role in the ecumenical dialogue process. Research is conducted individually and collectively by the Institute's professors. Collaboration with colleagues from other churches and traditions in working groups and at conferences has also proved invaluable.

Here you will find links to research topics and conferences that have been organized by the Institute or in which the Institute has participated. We make papers available for you to download, read, and share.


The Library of the Institute for Ecumenical Research

The library of the Institute for Ecumenical Research contains about 23,000 monographs and subscribes to more than 100 journals. It specializes in ecumenical theology and has a large collection on Luther and Lutheranism. It is especially aimed at students and scholars.
The library is a presence library. The catalogue has been computerized since mid-2011, and older books are listed in a card box.

Presence of the librarian

Ms Sylvie Speckel

14.00 - 17.00 hrs
08.00 - 12.00 hrs
14.00 - 17.00 hrs

In our Newsletter we inform you about interesting events and other news from our Institute.


You can support the activities of the Institute and sponsor individual projects through our sponsoring association (Förderverein).