On April 26, the Institute’s staff was invited to the online Section Day of the Lutheran Section of the Lippe Regional Church at the suggestion of Superintendent Dr. Andreas Lange. We had the opportunity to present our Institute and our work in the worship service through a video. The collection – also collected online – was for the roof renovation in Strasbourg and yielded 1380 €. We would like to thank all donors for this overwhelming contribution in solidarity with us!

The content of the Section Day also focused on the question „Can we also celebrate the Lord’s Supper in digital services?“ Prof. em. Michael Weinrich, University of Bochum, himself a synod member of the Lippische Landeskirche, introduced the questions and, in view of the unresolved issues, cautiously pleaded for a „communion fast“. He also pointed out that the sacrament is not automatically self-explanatory, and that the connections between Cross, Resurrection and the celebration of the Lord’s Supper can no longer be recalled from the collective memory under the present circumstances of a „postmodern Gnosticism“. Also exciting was the subsequent discussion, in which it became clear how differently the individual congregations deal with the topic.

Watch our video (in German only): vimeo.com/540315898


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