Roof Renovation

The renovation of the roof is complete now that it is starting to get winter cold in Strasbourg. In the course of the measures, two more sources of heat loss could be located and eliminated at almost no cost: The chimney has been non-functional for many years and was removed. This was also done in view of the fact that the heating system will probably have to be renewed in the next few years and fossil energy will then certainly be dispensed with altogether. At the same time, the windows in the roof area, which were also a cold air bridge, were also removed. Overall, it can already be said that the indoor climate has improved significantly throughout the house.

We would like to celebrate the completion next year with an early summer party, to which not least the donors will be invited.

Many people have accompanied this major project, partly through donations, but also through prayers, advice and in thought. We thank you all very much for your support!

before the renovation
during the renovation
after the renovation

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