Study Course "Studying Ecumenism in Strasbourg!" 2023

The Institute for Ecumenical Research has established a Study Course for Lutheran pastors and advanced students that will be held from October 23-27, 2023, as an online-event. The Study Course is meant to contribute to a specific aspect of the self-understanding of the Lutheran World Federation (LWF): "To be Lutheran is to be ecumenical." This is a commitment that is not fulfilled automatically, rather it calls for serious efforts in order to honor it.

The study course introduces the basic questions of ecumenism on the one hand, and the theory and practice of the dialogues on the other, by means of texts and the results of dialogues significant in recent ecumenical history -- in most of which the Institute has been involved -- and reflects on them against the background of Lutheran theology and the experiences of the participants.

The exchange about one's own ecumenical experiences and the situation in one’s home church is an important part of the study course, which thus contributes not only to the theological work but also to the interconnectedness of the worldwide communion of the LWF.

See further information and the invitation here.


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