Seminar „Studying Luther in Wittenberg” 2021

In cooperation with the Institute for Ecumenical Research, the LWF Center in Wittenberg offers a two-week „Studying Luther in Wittenberg“ seminar every November. The idea is to bring together a limited group (maximum 20) of Lutheran pastors from around the world to be a living study community getting to know Martin Luther’s theology better through his writings and discussing what his message means today in the Lutheran churches of the world.

The study of Luther has three focal points: First, his texts are to be read closely and their thought processes traced in order to understand Luther deeply. Second, since texts, including Luther’s, are always written in certain contexts, attention is paid to the origins of Luther’s writings, the late medieval and early modern period, taking advantage of our proximity in Wittenberg to many historic sites such as the Luther House, Melanchthon House, Castle Church, and so forth. Third, we examine our contexts today and ask what Luther’s insights have to say to the present in various parts of the world.

This includes the experience of Wittenberg and its environs today through parish visits and conversations with the city’s Mayor. Through encounters and devotions among the participants, we gain spiritual insights from the worldwide diversity of Lutheran churches. Usually a representative of the LWF from Geneva comes to the seminar to present the work of the LWF as well.

Since the experience of having been in Wittenberg cannot simply be conveyed online, an online seminar was offered in November 2021 as a refresher course for alumni who have already participated in previous seminars in Wittenberg.

Dates: November 6.-20, 2021

Topic: Martin Luther’s Theology of Creation

Under the leadership of Prof. Dr. Theodor Dieter and Prof. Dr. Sarah Hinlicky Wilson

Further information: LWF-Center Wittenberg (


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