Prof. Sarah Hinlicky Wilson’s departure from the Institute

After seven and a half years as Assistant Research Professor at the Institute, Prof. Sarah Hinlicky Wilson is returning with her family to the United States. During her time in Strasbourg, Wilson served as Consultant to the International Lutheran-Orthodox Joint Commission and sponsored several ventures in cooperation with Orthodox theologians, including a conference on Elisabeth Behr-Sigel and the creation of the Lutheran-Orthodox Theological Fellowship. She also joined the proto-dialogue with Pentecostal theologians undertaken by the Institute, participated in the planning for the formal dialogue between the LWF and Classical Pentecostals, and wrote a study entitled A Guide to Pentecostal Movements for Lutherans.

In addition to these primary ecumenical duties, Wilson has been active in teaching, writing, and speaking about Lutheran theology for both Lutheran and non-Lutheran audiences. With colleague Prof. Theodor Dieter she taught at the two-week Studying Luther in Wittenberg program every year since 2009, and she has traveled throughout Europe, the United States, and Africa to present lectures. She has edited the American theological journal Lutheran Forum throughout her stay in Strasbourg and will continue to do so upon her return to America. In addition she has published numerous articles in both scholarly and popular magazines and books.

Despite their great affection for the city of Strasbourg and commitment to the work of the Institute, Wilson and her family felt it was time to return to their homeland. Wilson will continue to write and lecture from her new home base. She will serve as Consultant to the Lutheran-Pentecostal dialogue, which begins this fall, and remain active in the Institute’s work in the capacity of Visiting Adjunct Professor.

The Institute is very grateful for Wilson’s great commitment to Lutheranism, the Lutheran World Federation and its ecumenical activities, and to the Institute’s work in all its dimensions.She is a very reliable colleague, ready to help, to assist and to offer her service whenever it is needed or asked for. She has a sharp intellect, and she is very quick in writing and drafting and correcting texts written in inaccurate English. It was very good to have her as a colleague in the Institute, and we are looking forward to cooperating with her in the capacity of Visiting Adjunct Professor.


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