Lectures in Malta

On December 5, Theodor Dieter offered the 21st St. Augustinian Lecture 2017 at the University of Malta upon the invitation by the Augustinian friar Prof. Salvino Caruana. There have been Augustinian friars at Malta since 1420. In 2018, we commemorate 500 years of the disputation that Martin Luther held in Heidelberg in 1518; thus the appropriate topic for the lecture was: “Martin Luther’s Heidelberg Disputation (1518). The Programmatic Theses of an Augustinian Friar 500 Years Ago.” The Augustinian Institute in Malta is very committed to translate basic works of Augustine into Maltese language and to spread the knowledge of Augustine’s theology at Malta. The second lecture of Theodor Dieter, offered at this Institute, had the topic: “The Theological Profile of Dr Martin Luther.”  The audience was highly interested to learn more about the theology of this theologian who was an Augustinian friar for nearly 20 years. The two lectures of Theodor Dieter in Malta completed a long series of lectures and presentations on the topics of “Luther, the Reformation, and Ecumenism” that in 2017 led him around the world, in Germany among others to these cities: Erfurt, Cologne, Augsburg, Wittenberg; Rome (Italy; symposium at the Gregoriana: “Luther and the Sacraments”), Thessaloniki (Greece; “Reformation in Orthodox and Protestant Perspectives”), Washington D.C. (USA; “Luther and the Shaping of the Catholic Tradition”), Salamanca (Spain; “Del Conflicto a la Communiòn”), Opole (Poland; International Lutheran/Roman Catholic Commission on Unity), Leuven (Belgium; Inaugural lecture at the Leuven Encounters in Systematic Theology-Conference Ecclesia semper reformanda), Geneva (Switzerland; “Interpretation of Luther’s 95 Theses”), Tokyo (Japan; National Academic Conference of the Japan Association of Christian Studies), Aarhus (Denmark; Conference “Rethink Reformation”: “Reflections on Ecumenically Remembering the Reformation”), and the Vatican (Ratzinger Price 2017).

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