Sebastian Madejski with Profs. Wasmuth and Dieter at the InstituteMy name is Sebastian Madejski and I have studied Protestant theology in Warsaw, Poland, and in Bonn, Germany. From January to March 2018, I did a traineeship with Prof. Dr. Dieter at the Institute for Ecumenical Research in Strasbourg. It was a very intensive time for me: each day I studied the document “The Apostolicity of the Church,” which is the result of many years of Lutheran-Roman Catholic dialogue. I focused on the understanding of ministry in these two theological traditions. I followed the argumentations of both sides to understand the conclusions presented in the text.

In Strasbourg I was able to gain better knowledge of how ecumenical dialogue develops. I could see how experts around the world discuss foundational issues of theology. In my point of view, “Apostolicity” is a testimony to true theological debate, which is based on tolerance and respect. Finding a common language and theological arguments that could explain differences and common dimensions of faith is what I saw at the Institute for Ecumenical Research. I had the feeling that modern theology was being created before my very eyes!

I am very glad to have been part of the Institute for a short time and that I was able to contribute to the work of the professors there. During my time in Strasbourg I prepared a presentation about the contribution of the Reformation Anniversary 2017 in Poland and a film about the Institute for Ecumenical Research in Strasbourg. I hope that my paper and the results of my research in Strasbourg will help to bring about the reception of ecumenical dialogues also in Poland.