The Institute’s Visiting Professor Sarah Hinlicky Wilson Launches a Theology Podcast

Prof. Sarah Hinlicky Wilson, who served on the staff of the Institute from 2008 to 2016 and now works with the Japan Evangelical Lutheran Church in Tokyo, has just launched a new theology podcast.

It is entitled “Queen of the Sciences: Conversations between a Theologian and Her Dad.” The first part of the title alludes to the medieval evaluation of theology as the “queen” of all knowledge—which was meant to be humorous, since theology is today regarded as anything but that! The second half of the title indicates the other host of the podcast, namely Prof. Wilson’s father Paul R. Hinlicky, who is a Professor of Theology at Roanoke College in Salem, Virginia (USA).

Each episode lasts about an hour and takes up a theological topic, not only for other theologians but for all interested Christians wishing to understand their faith more deeply. So far ten episodes have come out on topics ranging from prayer to the early church father Athanasius to justification by faith to the Gospel of Mark. A new episode is released every other Tuesday.

The podcast is available on all major podcasting programs. To learn more about it or to find a link to your podcast provider, please visit here.


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