Diverse Visits at the Institute

Visit of the Pastoral Convention of Neukölln

On September 12, 2019, the Institute for Ecumenical Research welcomed the Neukölln Deanery to its rooms in Strasbourg. The guests were introduced to the work of the Institute, focusing on the three facets of research, dialogue, and education. In addition, current ecumenical challenges were highlighted. The current study project of the Institute, which attempts to address constructively the question of unity in a Christianity that is becoming ever more pluralistic, was also a topic.

In the ensuing lively discussion and personal exchange over coffee and tea, the topics were pursued with great interest, and personal connections were made. The Institute was happy about the visit and wishes to express its thanks for the intensive discussions and the friendly contact.


Visit of Congregational Representatives from Lahr 

Congregational representatives from Hugsweier and Langenwinkel (Lahr) visited the Institute on 21 September 2019. The presentation of the Institute’s work and its current challenges in ecumenical work led to an intensive exchange, for which the Institute warmly offers its thanks.

The personal meeting with coffee and tea as well as the congregational members’ impressions were extremely pleasing and helpful for the Institute’s work. We look forward to further encounters and suggestions.




Visit of the Pastoral Convention from Wunsiedel 

On 17 October 2019 the Institute welcomed a pastoral convention from Wunsiedel to the Institute. After a small coffee reception the Institute work’s was presented. This led to a lively discussion on current issues in ecumenism and sketches of the challenges facing churches in society today.

The Institute thanks the Pastoral Convention of Wunsiedel for the intensive exchange of ideas and impulses as well as encouragement for further work. We look forward to seeing you again in Strasbourg!


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