On the Way to Fellowship

Auf dem Weg zur Gemeinschaft. 50 Jahre internationaler evangelisch-lutherisch/römisch-katholischer Dialog [„On the Way to Fellowship: 50 Years of International Evangelical Lutheran-Roman Catholic Dialogue], eds. André Birmelé und Wolfgang Thönissen (Paderborn and Leipzig: Bonifatius and EVA, 2018), 423 pp. In April 2018 (finally!) this volume appeared which contains the contributions to the 2016 Summer Seminar hosted by the Institute. …

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Colloquium in Venice

The St. Bernardino Institute of Ecumenical Studies in Venice, which is the ecumenical institute of the Conference of Catholic Bishops in Italy, has been closely associated with the Strasbourg Institute for many years now. Every two years it hosts a theological conference between the Venetian and the Strasbourg teams. This encounter is important, as the Italian scholars have hardly …

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Pope Francis at the Lutheran Church in Rome

On November 14, 2015, Pope Francis visited the Lutheran Christ Church in Rome and participated in the worship with the German-language congregation. The event deserves in every respect great attention. The service can be watched on Youtube. It shows how the pope celebrated this liturgy with great warmth and in an easy-going atmosphere amidst Protestant …

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