Rev. Selma Chen from Taiwan: A new Member of our Board of Trustees

I am a pastor of the Lutheran Church of Taiwan, R.O.C. The church was founded in 1956 through the works of the Finnish Evangelical Lutheran Mission (= FELM). It started from rural areas in Southern Taiwan. There are 19 congregations with 1900 members. After my theological, training I served in an urban congregation and was ordained in 2004. Five years ago, I moved back to my hometown, the first mission area for FELM, and restarted a congregation. In LCT-ROC I have been working on trainings for pastors and lay leaders and the church development including mission work and church planting.

The terms „ecumenical“ or „interconfessional“ are close to the Christians’ lives in Taiwan, but far away from the understanding of its meaning. When I heard about the Institute for the first time, it opened my eyes to see the importance of ecumenism and deepen my understanding of the body of Christ. For a Lutheran Christian from a society where Christianity is a minority with many denominations, the role and work of the Institute are so important and helpful. The fruitful achievements in the past will bear the new fruits in the future. May the grace of our Lord Jesus keep us and guide us to walk in his will as a communion!


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